Irish music with a modern twist. The young talents that make up Four of a Kind can pull off some of the most powerful, energetic and danceable jigs and reels one is likely to come across outside of Ireland.

With uilleann pipes prodigy Michael Boere, combined bouzouki-harmonica-player Tijn Berends, swinging fiddler Michelle Boere and bodhrán-beater Suzanne Leeuw, Four of a Kind has exactly the right combination of instruments and temperaments to take their music to the high level of skill and energy that is typical of modern Celtic music.

All four band members started playing at a young age and as a result, they already have over two decades of stage experience between them.


Like so many other Irish bands, the musicians of Four of a Kind met at a session. Every sunday evening for almost twenty years now, O´Ceallaigh´s Irish Pub in Groningen has hosted a great session that has been the birthplace of many succesful bands and it was there that these four youngsters first met. However, they were all still learning the ropes and the thought of entering the stage had not yet crossed their minds.

In november 2014 all four band members were present at the Irish music workshop weekend on the island of Texel. When an open mic night was announced, they decided to team up for a couple of tunes. The energy of that first set of tunes they played together was so wonderful that they immediately agreed that this should be repeated.

Shown on the left is the one and only surviving photograph of that night.

Over the past two years, Four of a Kind has been working on developing a highly recognisable sound, arranging their songs and tunes in increasingly intricate structures and pouring ever more energy into their music. Performing on festivals and gigs all over the country has allowed them to create a stage act that is alternatingly relaxed and energetic, complementing the unique sound of their music.



Self-described musical mastodon Suzanne Leeuw didn´t pick up music until her mid-twenties, making her almost geriatric by musical standards. Her solid, powerful rhythms on the goatskin help create the drive that carries the jigs and reels the band play. She maintains that without her maturity and guidance, the band would soon collapse into chaos and anarchy - a gross exaggeration, according to the boys.


Recognisable from miles away by her flaming red hair, fiddler Michelle Boere is the undisputed babe of the band. Personally responsible for the majority of dirty jokes cracked during rehearsals as well as on stage, Michelle´s lively style of playing adds greatly to the energy of the music, marking the subtle yet crucial difference between skill and passion.



Although many people express surprise upon learning that Michael is indeed Michelle´s younger brother, this is often followed by relief upon realizing that this means that he´s not her boyfriend. At 17 years Michael was the youngest ever workshop teacher at the annual meeting of the Dutch Uillean Pipers Association, leading him to be recognised not only at home but also in Ireland as one of the world´s finest emerging talents. On top of all that, he has very stylish hair.


Tijn firmly denies having ever stated that he only plays with other musicians because he doesn´t have enough arms to play all the instruments himself. Nevertheless he´s made it his personal goal to be able to play a jig on every instrument ever constructed and so far he´s doing quite well. With Four of a Kind he plays the guitar, bouzouki and harmonica and he supplies vocals for most of the band´s songs.

Upcoming gigs


Past gigs

2018-03-17St. Patrick´s Day FestivalAmsterdam
2017-12-16O´Ceallaigh´s PubGroningen
2017-12-10Archeon MidwinterfairAlphen a/d Rijn
2017-12-09Archeon MidwinterfairAlphen a/d Rijn
2017-07-17Private PartyWageningen
2017-05-12Private PartyBunnik
2017-03-18St. Patrick´s Festival AmsterdamAmsterdam
2017-03-17Irish Pub O´Leary´sUtrecht
2017-03-16Private PartyAmsterdam
2016-12-11Archeon MidwinterfairAlphen a/d Rijn
2016-12-10Archeon MidwinterfairAlphen a/d Rijn
2016-10-29The Irish CottageOude Niedorp
2016-08-26Private PartyRitthem
2016-07-02ZeeheldenfestivalDen Haag
2016-06-04Peije DeiDrachten
2016-05-12Musical "De Titanic"Haastrecht
2016-05-11Musical "De Titanic"Haastrecht
2016-05-10Musical "De Titanic"Haastrecht
2016-05-08Musical "De Titanic"Haastrecht
2016-04-26Café de SportDelft
2016-03-17Irish Pub O´Leary´sUtrecht
2016-02-12Huiskamerconcert bij GwendolynnDen Haag
2016-01-23Clan Lamont Pipe Band GatheringWaalwijk
2016-01-13Private PartyAlphen a/d Rijn
2015-12-13Archeon MidwinterfairAlphen a/d Rijn
2015-12-12Archeon MidwinterfairAlphen a/d Rijn
2015-10-08Huis van PuckArnhem
2015-09-06Mystical Fantasy FairHeeswijk-Dinther
2015-09-05Mystical Fantasy FairHeeswijk-Dinther
2015-03-17Irish Pub O´Leary´sUtrecht

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